Im back
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
so much has happened
time has passed
i totally laughed when
you fell on your ass
your dads gonna die soon
ill be sad when times come
but deaths got the bullet
and hes loading his gun
the fat man lost  weaght
now in time he will see
hell come to learn his fait
and the problem wasnt me
neither was the fat
that never made the man
hes spinning circles like a rat
in one place cool like a fan
and his friend hes been grinning
but he tries as times passed
but the stage isnt for him
and his songs make me laugh
my pinky holds more talent
than that whole fucking crew
i guess you know that i meant it
when i said your time was through
goodbye my bad memories
i am finally free
i tried to make her part of me
but i got a new chance and i can see.

goodbye three series of bad friends
hello lover

so she loves
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
This has been the first week  i've been here since we had to leave, without much warning we were told we had to leave very fast, there was only one place i knew to go, it was the first month of the year, we of course bought new furniture and got semi cozy, while the only thing we had food stamps and Her job, were not availiable to us, it was spent at the house we came from on mistake and the people she worked for went out of town for three weeks, my significant other got very sad and would sleep for days, the only thing my baby new to say was Nanna and Dadda, we had taken care of her since her birth, very good care, and i trying every day to look for work on craigslist, did not get the rides needed to get anything done, so when everyone is there to point a finger at me, please take a  second step back and wonder is there something going on here i dont know about, is there something going on i cant see, i know i am the man, i am supposed to take care of the situation, but as that sounds so easy it isnt, there has been no one as of yet to take control in this life, and as i am still trying very hard it isnt easy.  i say the only way you will get your freedom is to do this, i say i will go, but doesnt she have to want to go, doesnt she have to wake up and take the steps, i have gone to several websites to show of the programs to save what they are worried about losing, do i get any interest at all, no so when everything happens what am i supposed to do, last night the baby stayed up till 1 something in the morning, so i said, well we have to skip her whole nap in order to return her to normal, what happens she has been taken from me and i havent seen her since, i now hear her i think but its 7 did she take a nap from 5 to 7? i wanted her awake at 6, but see it isnt like it seams is it?  i have no control over anything and i am treated as they treat everyone else, i want her to come to my house for a week, while her mom can have time to get her things together because there are things i am not toutching on, not in this forum,  its not time, so i will be here tonight, to watch to wonder to write. But i guess i have to wait and i will knowing, i've got what i need, and it will never happen again. never....

although it seems so far
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
elevating towards the moment
thats all this seems to be
enjoying just the incline and endless possability
but time with all its reason
and what we must now find
is hidden in this season
and in a brand new state of mind
so do you really want it
would you do everything you can
to rise against the moment
the moment now at hand
this is will tell everything
i am done making sense
i will make anything i can
talking in circular riddles
till i find out what i mean.

you asses
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
im still here. we will rock la calvins

the calvins get a new mixer analog is fun
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
the calvins get a new mixer
analog is fun...(repeat in a row row row your boat style....)

hey everybody....we will have songs recorded hell or highwhater by november......keep checking our websight for news....

new songs and a new sound
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
weve been cracked on in several different areas of our style. we havent changed so much as improved it. alot has been going on and ive been writing. you havent heard from us because we really didnt want to be heard and we are looking towards the long range goal and weve come up with some plans. we are implamenting them, so please i dont think that we all need to fight in this music scene... really i think some punk rockers are very patriotic i think we are just now realizing it and anarchy is a load of shit!
we need to come together and support each other besides we are the future and we have a voice...our music can make a difference in alot of different areas...lets rock...
the calvins

popeyes chicken is the shiznick
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
whos house rons house i said whos house rons house martin...martin...
anyway lost letters from the sea of forgetfull ness....its so big so deep like once you went in you could fall forever and never get are we what is are are is what exactly..all i know is all we need is love....

football dogs cheerleaders pot and death
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
on my walk home......i did a weird thing today no not homoseuality even though chris said if i close my eyes it will feel the same...i saw dead people....dead people..but it was different it was in a way sane it was the firt sane thing ive done this week really, i live by a cemetary, an old one, well i was drawn to it i visited people i didnt know i took time to look at life from death it seemed so relaxing, the big field with tombstones sticking out almost like deaths garden it lokied like a huge battlefield like the battle of life... so much heaven and hell stuff the truth was right there....the end or the beginning it seems we live to die, everyone is so busy trying to fix life conquer life make there mark but so many are not busy living. sure you could argue whats life but i know what death is....its the opposite of life and so many people are already dead i dont want to die....but im not afraid..well i promised cheerleaders dogs and football players, i soon walked after the graves to boca ciega high...huh...the commotion the relentless struggle for excellence or the best cheer(pause for laughter) cheerleaders and dogs, well so much to say i just cant say it....death to death, dogs rock.

wow...the humpty dance
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
another day has passed as slowly im picking myself out off a self driven depressed state off yuck....ive picked up my favorite author and started to read again..the book is hard times by .......who can name it? anyway i was thinking today and it really rocked my know what the hell was humpty doing on the wall? i think it means alot..if you look at it and observe it from a diiferent angle...see humpty doesnt know if hes really humpty or dumpty hes a fucking crazy...he gets like a monthly check and shit well anyway the wall is his problems hes just sitting there tetoring until crash he takes the dive head fucking first and just decides to be fucking completly psycho....and all the kings horses and men that tried to put that crazy nigger back together again couldnt see there like institutions and like therapy fucking anti derpressant drugs, i mean its all so clear to me all so fucking clear...
damn i spend to much time alone

save the last dance dammit
vinny, smiles, jolie, daddy
wow that shit was awesome....the greatest movie ive rented all if you have a chance rent it it is fucking awesome....i cried like a bitch with a skinned knee and shit through the hole thing....i never felt so many feelings at the same time...i love you sarah...sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

i love you


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